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Adjuster Assignment - by adding the port address to the adjuster profile, administrators and dispatchers can now see how far any adjuster is to the claim prior to adjuster assignment, allowing for quicker turn-around and reduced travel costs!

September, 2014 CAPETM (Claim Assessment & Property Evaluation) SCORING

Scores are a way of describing evaluation criteria (or "grading standards") based on the expected outcomes and performances rather then using report based outcomes. The CAPE™ Score is the sum of the calculation of several different pieces of claim adjusting and management data! The CAPE™ Score is designed to give management a clear analysis of company and individual performance when it comes to the administration of claims processed rather than accumulating pages and pages of monthly reports. ClaimsCaddy, LLC now uses the CAPE™ Scoring module on each claim processed and breaks down the CAPE™ Score averages by insurance company, independent company and by adjuster.

May, 2014 Claims Fact GuardianTM

Users can now view previous claim data that match the address and zip code of a current claim. This data (including images) can be used to insure that previous assessed damage has been repaired or replaced prior to any new assessment, thereby helping to eliminate over-payment and or fraud!

April, 2014 Sorting By Adjuster Experience

Adjusters can now mark their license designations or experience within their profile. Dispatchers can execute a search of adjusters based on the type of claim and those that meet the experience needed to adjust the claim!

March, 2014 Litigation Designations

Companies now have an option to add litigation professionals to the group of professionals that can have access to claim files when necessary!

March, 2014 Diary Option

Create DIARY reminders to insure contract compliance from 1 to 10 days from last update. Option to edit the DIARY on a claim-by-claim basis incase a quicker response is required

February, 2014 Option To Require Adjuster Assignment Acceptance

To insure compliance during the assignment process, companies now have the option to require field adjusters to accept or reject claims that are assigned to them.

February, 2014 Adjuster Assignment Using Port Addresses

One of our most valued feature is the ability to assign adjusters, dispatchers and processors by miles in proximity from the their port address to the claim. This option alone can save companies thousands in mileage and time spent adjusting claims.

January, 2014 Tracking by Mass Casualty Event

Ability to add a Mass Casualty Event such as Hurricane, Tornado, Flood etc. and track all claims by the event.

2013 Notes Feature

Create and send notes to anyone involved with the claim. Creates a log of each communication for future viewing of the claim timeline.

2013 ClaimsCaddy keeps everyone up-to-date on the claims process

Dispatchers, adjusters and the insured have the option to receive updates on the claim process via email each time the claim is updated. Dispatchers and adjusters can also receive attachments via email of all images and claim documents anytime during the claim process!

2013 Administer unlimited documents and image files

ClaimsCaddy stores and manages documents within the claim archive for easy retrieval up to 10 years.

2013 Send The Insured And Claimants A Claim Receipt Acknowledgement With Automatic Recording Of Their Response

Send The Insured And Claimants A Claim Receipt Acknowledgement With Automatic Recording Of Their Response - An email can be sent to the insured requesting their acknowledgement of the new claim. When the response is received, there is no need to stop and record it, as ClaimsCaddy will auto-record it for you, including a date and time stamp making your day less stressful.

2013 Administer single or multi-claimant claims

Administer the insured's claim and two additional claimants per claim file from one simple screen.

2013 Appointment Calendar

Link directly to your Google calendar or use our calendar to set and view appointments.

2013 Insurance Company dispatchers can assign claims to independent adjusters

Insurance Company dispatchers can assign claims to independent adjusters when the workload exceeds their daily maximum! This option provides the potential for independent adjusting companies to establish new revenue sources when insurers open their claims processing to 3rd party adjusters!

2013 Assign and re-assign adjusters at the click of a button Insurance Company dispatchers can assign claims to independent adjusters

Dispatchers assign claims to adjusters and when needed, can re-assign them to better manage the daily workload!

2013 Custom claim and status groups

Tailored for Independent, Public, and Insurance Companies by allowing the user to customize claim and status groups to fit their particular industry!

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